Approximate Usage Breakdown of Dues for 2022-23

Given an estimated 330 students will enroll at West this Fall, we will collect approximately $77,550 in annual dues. These funds serve to enhance our children’s educational experiences.  

The annual dues fund a variety of important activities and programs that directly benefit your child’s experience. These activities are not funded by the School District.  Below is a breakdown of how we anticipate the how your $235 per student in annual dues dues will be allocated:

  • Allocations and Programs – 25%
    • Funds allocated to permanent items for the school that are not able to be funded by the School District including assemblies, Art-in-Action, Soul Shoppe Program, and long-term enhancement projects such as outdoor learning areas & lunch area
  • Staff Recognition - 21%
    • Includes holiday, birthday, and year end gifts from West Parent Group to your child’s teacher, specialists and school staff. Also includes Welcome Back to Teachers, Conference Week Treats, Holiday Coffee, Staff Appreciation Week when our teaching staff is celebrated in May
  • Classroom & Educational Enhancement – 21%
    • Funds teacher stipends, classroom supplies, Art-in-Action supplies, classroom specific activities, emergency supplies and support for Student Council
  • Publications – 16%
    • Access to a digital copy of the All School Directory for each family, a physical copy of the West School yearbook for each student at the end of the year 
  • Events – 10%
    • Welcome Back Carnival, New Parent Reception, Volunteer Tea, Book Fair, Multicultural / Careers day, Halloween/Winter Wonderlands, Memorial Day Parade, Variety Show, STEAM Fair, Service Learnings
  • Associated Parent Group of HCSD – 4%
    • Programs impacting the entire School District
  • Administration – 3%
    • Website hosting fees, Konstella, payment processing fees

Please complete registration and make your payment by Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

We are grateful for the continuous support over the years and let’s continue our tradition of 100% family participation. 

Thank you!


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